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"The Butterfly's Burden" - Company | E and the artists of the Sabreen Music School and the dancers of Palestine.
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It's called The Great White Way.

White lights lining Broadway in the heart of Manhattan, as bright at night as in midday. Home to much of the finest music, dance and drama ever written, filling great theaters with timeless stories.

In so many ways Broadway is America's folk art.

Unlike so many nation's around the world which stretch back thousands of years, the U.S. remains a young country, inventing and reinventing itself with every generation. The sounds and sights of Broadway reflect those reinventions and do so through both spectacle and stillness, heartbreak and joy.

Few things are more powerful as a tool of Cultural Diplomacy. That's where we come in.

Since 2013 Company | E has been at the forefront of a Diplomatic revival of the music and dance of Broadway, bringing a unique collaboration to countries as far apart as Uruguay and Turkmenistan.

A team of U.S. artists from Company | E, working in partnership with the U.S. Department of State, including Co-Director Amikaeyla Gaston, a Band and Orchestra Director and dancers and singers from the Company land in-country and get to work with as many as 250 local atists -- singers, dancers, musicians, technicians - -to develop in just a week or two a full evening concert program of many of the greatest songs and dances ever to grace the Broadway stage. The results are spectacular. Concert Halls filled to capacity night after night. Entire generations of local artists discovering an America they never knew and artistic voices they'd only dreamed of posessing.


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