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Engaging young audiences is not just fun. Its essential.

Art is one of the great tools for education, for engagement, for the chance to fill the heart with imagination and the mind with ideas and possibilities. Company | E has two signature evening length works for the young and young-at-heart in the repertory already and now, in partnership with the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and the artists of the National Symphony Orchestra a third one on the way in March, 2017.

From the jungles of India and the tale of young Mowgli in "Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Books" to the timeless tale of Cervantes' "Looking for Don Quixote," to a soaring journey around the Sun, Artistic Director Paul Gordon Emerson and the entire company team has created tales for the stage inspired by two of the greatest works of literature ever written.


Few tales have the enduring power and enchantment of a lost boy befriended by the Seeone Hills wolf pack from a raveging, damaged tiger and all the perils of the 19th century jungle of Rudyard Kipling's fertile imagination. Few are more suited to movement as a narrative medium. Few draw in audiences, and attract young artists, the way "Jungle Books" does.

Meet Kipling himself as he weaves the true history of his life, and loss, as the story unfolds through his eyes. See young Mowgli, his friend Baloo, the mysterious snake Kaa and those wild and crazy monkeys. Meet the dangers, and the joys, of boyhood in the far jungle of what is today's Pakistan.

"Jungle Books" has been a part of both the domestic and international touring repertory since its Kennedy Center debut in 2006. Performed by the Company alone, or most often in collaboration with a gathering of young artists, it thrills and inspires as it amuses and entertains.

With an original score by Music Director Clifton Brockington and scenic design by Court Watson.

Learn more about our production of JUNGLE BOOKS.

"Looking for Don Quixote," which was commissioned by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, is Mr. Emerson's take on the enduring legacy of the Knight of the Woeful Countenance. Imaging Cervantes and his illegitemate daughter Isabel locking in an argument lasting centuries, the characters spill from Cervantes mind, telling again and again his historic tale. From puppet sheep to two story windmills, swordfights to song, "Looking for Don Quixote" is a 60 minute encounter with the imagination and its possibilties.

Learn more about our production of LOOKING FOR DON QUIXOTE

TO SAIL AROUND THE SUN - The Kennedy Center Commission - March 2017

Antonio Vivaldi. The Foun Seasons. The artists of the National Symphony Orchestra on the Kennedy Center stage. Let your imagination soar with a beloved score performed live by exquisite artists.

Learn more about our upcoming production of TO SAIL AROUND THE SUN

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