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ASTANA, KAZAKHSTAN - June | July 2016 "The Butterfly's Burden." Palestine 2016
"Ghost Stories" - Company | E in the U.K. - September 2016
The Four Seasons - Company | E and the Artists of the National Symphony Orchestra JFK | NSK - (In)Security. May 27, 2017

BROADWAY BOUND | SPEAK EASY. The Azerbaijan Tour 2016 "GENERATIONS: POLAND" - the Kennedy Center
Capacity Building in Montevideo - March 2016 In Turkmenistan - BROADWAY BOUND 2016.
"Falling" in Philadelphia, PA. February 2016 The Shenandoah University Residency.February 2016
Company | E in the Urals -- the 2015 Russia Tour With the International Writing Program
On stage at American University
Richmond, Virginia's "Yes Virginia Dance!" Festival  

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