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Cultural Diplomacy
The Freedom Project - An interdisciplinary collaboration.

The Republic of Georgia. Set in the heart of the Caucusus Mountains, bordering the Black Sea, it was at the western edge of the Soviet Union. Today Georgia is one of the most open of all the former Soviet Republics. It's 2016 transfer of power was almost unique in Post-Soviet States, taking place peacefully and with a dramatic shift in governmental philosophy. A dramatic expansion in tourism has made Georgia a place to see, with exceptional nature and equally exceptional sites, cuisine and a newfound cultural environment.

Georgia, on the map, is not the Georgia of reality. Large parts of the country are occupied by separatist governments supported by Russia. Chechnya lies across a significant part of its Northern border. And so Freedom carries many connotations in Georgia.

In 2019 Company | E teams with dancers, musicians, storytellers and visual artists to explore the meaning of freedom from both the American and the Georgian perspective. With a series of performances throughout the country, workshops for young artists and a chance to share ideas which are increasingly challenged in the world today, The Freedom Project is a long look at a word we often take for granted.


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Guangzhou, China 2011