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Map of the World Company E in Belarus 2010 - 2013 Company E in Switzerland 2012 Company E in Sweden 2014 Company E in Turkmenistan 2013 - 2016 Wishes of the Sailor. The Iraqi Voices Amplification Project. Uruguay, 2015 - 2016 Company E in Kazakhstan 2010 - 2018 Company | E in New York 2017 Company | E in Shanghai, China, 2011 Company E in Russia 2014 - 2017 Company | E in China 2011 | 2012 Company E in Algeria 2013 Company | E in Palestine 2016 Company | E in Uruguay, 2015 | 2016 Company E in Cuba 2015 | 2016 Sister City Sunderland, England. 2016 | 2017 Azerbaijan 2016 Spain 2013 Company | E in Ukraine, 2017 Company | E's journey through Peru Argentina 2013


The use of art, artists and people whose profession is to communicate, to share, to engage, to challenge and, at the same time, to teach and to entertain. Company E was founded, and maintains as its central focus, international engagement, most often in parts of the world Americans rarely see.

Working in close cooperation with the US Diplomatic Missions around the globe, Company E's artists bring their knowlege, art and talent to often challenging environments, showcasing another side of America in parts of the world where the need is greatest.

From Havana, Cuba in April of 2015, where Company E was one of the first Cultural programs created in the new era of diplomatic cooperation between the US and Havana to extended programs in Russia in the midst of a deepening freeze between Washington and Moscow, the Company brings its art, and its talent, to the Diplomatic fore. 2019 marks the 10th anniversary of Company | E's deep dive into international engagement, a dive which began with work in Jordan and Palestine and continued in 2009 with "Wishes of the Sailor" a project built around the lives and experiences of the Iraqi diaspora population coming out of hte U.S. Invasion of 2003.

In 2016-2018 alone Company E's programs with the Department of State are in Russia, Cuba, Turkmenistan, Uruguay, Algeria, tthe Palestinian Territories, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and the United Kingdom.

Company | E's partners District of Columbia Public Schools The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Spain Arts & Culture Washington Performing Arts Bloomberg Philanthropies The DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities