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The Four Seasons


Few works are more iconic. For almost 300 years Vivaldi's breathless imagining of a single trip around the sun has captivated and inspired.

Commissioned by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, "To Sail Around The Sun" transforms Vivaldi's imagining of a year on earth into a day, and into a lesson and a journey around the planet, where all four seasons are happening simultaneously. From the undersea beauty and wonder of the Bonney Upwelling off the coast of Australia in spring to the lush heat of Argentina in summer, the beauty of Japan in autumn and the exquisite cold of Kazakhstan in winter, "To Sail Around the Sun" is a tale of an interconnected earth, and of our responsibility to it.

"To Sail Around the Sun" mixes the magic of brilliant music brilliantly performed by a livestring quartet, today's most cutting edge techonology and the simple grace of gorgeous dancing.

Written and Directed by Paul Gordon Emerson, and in collaboration with the artists of Company | E, the National Symphony Orchestra and featured artist Amikaeyla Gaston, "To Sail Around the Sun" is a journey where "art forms brilliantly collide (Broadway World)" through the natural world. READ THE FULL REVIEW from Broadway World.

Antonio Vivaldi

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