"These cultural programs, these cultural opportunities, open the door to other conversations….this is the opportunity to learn that Americans are like other people, want to share what they have and to learn from others." -- Maren Payne Holmes, Public Affairs Officer, U.S. Embassy, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Broadway Bound

There are countless "American art forms." Jazz, modern, Hip Hop and so many others. But few, if any, have that signature the way Broadway musicals do. Wherever the Company has traveled, the mention of Broadway has set the imagination of our in-country partners soaring.

Company | E's Executive and Co-Artistic Director, Paul Gordon Emerson, grew up in New York City in a family immersed in the Broadway scene. And, so, with Broadway Bound Co-Director Amikaeyla Gaston and in partnership with the U.S. Department of State, they devised one of Company | E's signature Cultural Diplomacy programs, BROADWAY BOUND.

Broadway Bound


Take a team of six Americans -- Choreographers/Dancers, Music & Vocal Director Amikaeyla Gaston, and a Band/Orchestra Director and deposit them in a country with a community hungry to try their hand at the art of the Great White Way.

With Broadway Bound, artists have come from all over their country to audition -- singers, dancers, musicians. Casting, rehearsals, a deep-dive into the classic songs and dances and a BROADWAY BOUND revue emerges.

The artists from the States dance, sing and play with the local artists --- who often number 200 or more -- for a celebration of the Broadway musical and the dream of the chance to sing about love, freedom and imagination.

CHECK OUT our Micro-Doc from Montevideo.

BROADWAY BOUND has created unique and remarkable openings in the Diplomatic community and for the artists and audiences alike who have experienced it. From Uruguay to Turkmenistan, from Kazakhstan to Azerbaijan, BROADWAY BOUND has been a remarkable, enduring part of Company | E's Cultural Diplomacy work.

"You could see how thrilled the performers were that they could conquer styles they'd never experienced before." --Maren Payne Holmes, Public Affairs Officer, U.S. Embassy, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan


Augmented Reality

Expanding the possibiltiies for performance across the world. Company | E's deep dive into Augmented and Mixed Reality. 


Company | E Movement Center for Dance Education

"The MC builds and supports whole-child learning...instilling the values of self-discipline and team building."
   - Roseanna B. MC Parent

The Company | E Movement Center for Dance Education teaches the next generation both the technique and the joy of movement.



WARMER - Concerts on Climate Change

Since 2007 Company E has been commissioning work from artists around the world speaking to the Climate Crisis.  

"An important thought-partner as we head towards the Center's 50th Anniversary"

"...exactly the kind of work we had imagined when creating the Performances for Young Audiences series, elegantly combining multiple art forms including modern dance, classical music, storytelling, visual arts, and theater."

-- David Kilpatrick, Director, Education Programs and Productions. The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.