The world is a small place with big problems. Education and Culture are fundamental elements in addressing them.

While it means different things to different artists, for Company E Cultural Diplomacy is about engagement. Engagement as artists and as people, as performers, educators and, critically, as storytellers who takethe American experience overseas and bring the international experience home. That’s why our journey’s include film-makers and photographers, writers and educators.

We hold month-long intensives in parts of the world where modern dance is completely new -- places like Kazakhstan and Algeria.

We create evening-length programs called BROADWAY BOUND, programs which bring together artists from the U.S. and the host country, teaching them art we love and, at the same time, bridge divides.


Company | E's two-part program in Montevideo mixed the magic of Broadway with the nuts and bolts of Capacity Building. While creating an evening-length Broadway Revue, and teaching the quintissentially American tools of song and dance on the Great White Way was the entry, the teaching that came after -- of how to create your own business in the arts, was just as vital.     

We make works which celebrate a brilliant Palestinian writer and then collaborate in the West Bank to make that program come to life on stages both in Ramallah and Washington, DC.

And, fundamentally, in all of these places, we teach. Education, time in the classroom, wherever that is, is at the core of all our work.

Since the company’s founding in the deep rain forest of Peru in June 2011 Company E’s home has been the world, and our closest partner the US Department of State.

To understand the Company’s work, and its fundamental mission, explore the stories, the videos and the images of our encounters in just a few parts of the world where we’ve been. Scan the MAP OF THE WORLD to see all our destinations.

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Augmented Reality

Expanding the possibiltiies for performance across the world. Company | E's deep dive into Augmented and Mixed Reality. 


Company | E Movement Center for Dance Education

"The MC builds and supports whole-child learning...instilling the values of self-discipline and team building."
   - Roseanna B. MC Parent

The Company | E Movement Center for Dance Education teaches the next generation both the technique and the joy of movement.



WARMER - Concerts on Climate Change

Since 2007 Company E has been commissioning work from artists around the world speaking to the Climate Crisis.  

"An important thought-partner as we head towards the Center's 50th Anniversary"

"...exactly the kind of work we had imagined when creating the Performances for Young Audiences series, elegantly combining multiple art forms including modern dance, classical music, storytelling, visual arts, and theater."

-- David Kilpatrick, Director, Education Programs and Productions. The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.